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to be sure that the man you're electing is free to do the ministry. in that freedom, there will be renewal. >> we appreciate your time very much this morning. >> thank you, david. good being with you. >> thank you. i'm joined by a roundtable, our republican strategist, anna navarro, chris matthews, former lieutenant governor of maryland and author of "failing america's faithful" kathleen townsend, and former chairman of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops review board, frank keating. welcome to all of you. kind of a setup of a joke, a nice jewish boy moderating a discussion on catholics. when a church needs reform, as this one does, you know back to jesus christ. you felt that very strongly? >> i think one thing that unite all catholics is concern for the poor, and this basic way that jesus led his life. he was a jewish guy. if you can agree on that, the rest is easy. 3,000 years ago, the rest is sort of details. i think we have to go back. not that it should be reformation, but the idea of looking out for the poor and being humble. and loving each other. i mean, it's very basic, very
have a poll in the last two weeks from quinnipiac university which shows that 47%/43%. on election day in the network exit poll 49%/46%. >> hilary rosen -- >> it's clearly moved but the idea the american people are, you know, universally for same sex marriage is just not backed up. >> one of the things you look at, hilary, the youth vote. those who supported that poll, 81% under 30 support marriage equality. where are we as the supreme court takes this up? >> well, and another interesting part about the youth vote, unlike a lot of other issues that ralph works on, the evangelical yaut, according to alex lundry, mitt romney's data analyst, over 60% of evangelical youth support gay marriage. this has taken over the tide. i think the supreme court as good citizens as they are, are really going to decide this case based on what's fair and right based on the constitution, which is, is there a rational reason to treat two sets of loving couples differently under the law? >> david brooks, the country is divided. there are 41 states that either ban it or treat gay marriage as something differe
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)